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Hello Dreamland

Hello Dreamland is a collection of sleepytime songs intended as "guided imagery" as your child drifts off to sleep.  In other words, to help them literally have "sweet dreams"!
Hello Dreamland

Hello Dreamland is an amazing collection of bedtime "tuck-me-in" songs crafted to make sleepytime an inviting prospect as Mary sings your child to sleep by name.

The guided imagery of Hello Dreamland helps achieve a gently-suggested state of restful REM sleep.  – Or to put it a lot more simply, it helps your child have sweet dreams!

For the fussy sleeper in your life, there couldn't be a better gift than Hello Dreamland

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We sing our songs just for you,
Hello Dreamland
A sweet invitation to accept that restful time just before drifting off; the gentle rhythm is like being rocked to sleep under a rainbow...
The Piper
The first of the sleepy-time journeys; a bit like a slow dance, the feeling of a medieval Celtic piper weaving his way across green hills and valleys.
Candy Island
What every kid knows about Dreamland – where all the candy is!  This Hawaiian-flavored treat will have your child smiling through the night.
Moonbeam Lullaby
A soft big band sound that may even remind you of some of the music your folks used to listen to!  Images of ballrooms and stardust...
Counting Sheep
A gorgeous traditional lullaby, the gentle rocking rhythm of this song is underscored with a relaxing bass line like a sleeping heartbeat.  Wonderful.
Everything is Okay
The gentle feeling of a soft summer night at an old hacienda, this one assures your child that we and everyone we love are safe and warm.
Angel, Watch Over Me
A quiet country flavor for tuck-me-in time.  No kid feels so safe as when they know an angel is standing guard, ready to ward off bad dreams.
The Wishing Well
Grownups tend to forget the power of the Wishing Well.  What's more comforting than drifting off with a penny's worth of wishes coming your way?
I wish You Love
A sweet affirmation of love that puts the snuggle into those last waking moments:  the pillow fluffed up just right, a soft little kiss, and... good night...!
sung just for you,