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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why don't you have a lot more names than you do?

Wow!  We really do have a bunch – currently there are about 800 girl's names and almost 500 boy's names available in My SONGS®, and 900 names for boys and girls in MORE My Songs®, Hello Dreamland and Happy Boogie Birthday.

We keep adding more all the time.  But we've only got one Mary, and we've got to make sure we don't use her up!  She's a mother, and an actress, and volunteers time for charitable causes too, so she is one busy lady.

If we get enough requests for new names, we'll record them for our personalized titles.  But remember that each name means manufacturing a new album, and we've got over two thousand albums out right now!  (Even the Beatles only did about fifteen.)

When Mary goes in to record a new name, it gets her full attention.  We don't just stick 'em on to the beginning or end the way some others do – Mary sings the names into place all through the songs, and then they need to be mixed and balanced and the CDs are manufactured. A new name is a major investment, but we make that investment as often as we can.

2) What are you working on now?

Good question – right now the next My Songs project is not yet determined.  Both Mary and Michael are entertainment professionals, and other companies and studios often require their talents too.

Currently, Mary has three of her own albums out, "Inspired" an album of Christian music, "The Power of the Cross.", and a brand new holiday album, "Just In Time For Christmas."  See her site for more information:

Mary's also very active in charitable endeavors.

Michael has been given the blessing of the Rodgers and Hammerstein estate to re-conceive the music for a new version of the Broadway musical classic "Pal Joey." 

And, he has also been selected as part of an American team to work in Romania in 2012 to bring the American Musical Theatre to that country, which up to this point, has had no stage musical tradition.

They both love doing theater, so they're not always able to sit down and plan what's next.  When they have a chance to sit and catch their respective breaths, we'll see what comes up ... and give you the news right here.

3) Can I write to Mary and Michael?


You can send email to both:

Mary Donnelly Haskell <>

Michael Reno <>

And if you want to write a real snail mail paper letter, send it to either

Mary Donnelly Haskell  –or–  Michael Reno
c/o My Songs
2219 West Olive Avenue, # 207
Burbank, CA 91506-2648